The Story of Hopping John

Why, you ask, do my sister Clymene and I make a big pot of Hopping John each New Years Eve?  What in the heck, you might further ask, is Hopping John?

Good questions.  And since I have been a terrible blogueuse lately (my mom calls me a blogueuse, so don’t blame me) I thought I might post something as a sort of proof of life.

Hopping John, so you know, is a wonderful soup made of black-eyed peas, ham, and collard greens.  Traditionally, they make it down south to bring good luck in the coming year.  The greens represent dollars, the peas represent coins.  It also so happens (so I am told, having no personal experience) that Hopping John is good for hangovers.

Our family tradition rests on these two things: no money and the faculty party.

One year, being short on dough to buy Christmas presents for Mom and Dad, my sister and I came up with the idea that we could issue coupons for chores.  Mom pointed out that we were expected to do chores and issuing coupons was like giving air, but Clymene said we would do chores without the normal complaining and dragging of feet. 

“Fat chance,” said Mom.

But that New Years Eve, Dad gave us a recipe for Hopping John and one of our homemade coupons, and asked us to make a pot while they were at the fac party.  Mom and dad go to a fac party each New Years Eve.  They are always trolly grumpites the next day.  Hopping John really does help with that. They eat some then go straight back to bed.

Be careful everyone.  Avoid the trolly grumpites.  And have a happy 2018.    

(P.S. ... I wanted to post a recipe but Mom said she doesn't want me poisoning anyone so you'll have to google Hopping John one your own.  :-)  Enjoy.)