The Blah-Blah On Me

I'm Daisy.  I have TWO books now.  Both are available as ebooks or paperbacks at Amazon.   The first one is about getting kidnapped by (modern) pirates and shipwrecked on a tropical island.  It would have been great except my family was there too.   The second is about when I punched some jerk at school, got expelled, and went to live with my Aunt Mill in Paris.  She was hunting for Marie Antoinette's lost diamonds.  Not kidding.   If you click on the pictures of the books to the right it will take you to the Amazon pages so you can buy them.

If you want to read some of the blog chapters I wrote that ended up in DAISY IN EXILE, you can click on the box above that says Chapter 1.  I've taken many of the chapters down but I saved the ones I like the most.  Some of them ended up in the book, but others did not.  Plus, if you check back, I'll soon put up some chapters of the third book, when my team of monkeys gets done writing them.